Solution Capital Project Financial Management

Capital Project Financial Management for accurate forecasting.

Optimise your commercial success.


Maximise your capital investments.

Collaborative | Reliable | Empowering

Improve your capital expenditure strategy.

Make informed decisions and take decisive action with an integrated financial management solution for capital project portfolios. Optimise commercial outcomes through a collaborative software solution that maintains data integrity, enables financial visibility, and delivers accurate and meaningful insights.

Meaningful real-time financial information means no more cost management uncertainty or surprise cost overruns. CAPEXinsights supports your entire capital strategy from portfolio build to post-project analysis with cost estimation, cashflow management, and simplified reporting.

It’s easy to improve your capital investment strategy with dynamic financial management.

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Maximise capital efficiency.
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Simple real-time reporting.
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Integrated financial information.
“Data integrity has always been one of our biggest issues in the past which created a huge disconnect between final budgets and what the project teams thought to be a true reflection of what’s in the budget. CAPEXinsights is our one source of truth. It honestly is a huge time saver in my world.”

Maxie Payne Principal Capital Control, Simec

Eliminate financial ambiguity.

Manage capital expenditure with confidence.

Have confidence in your decision-making at a project and portfolio level, identifying corrective actions early in the project lifecycle to achieve the right commercial outcomes. With complete visibility over your capital expenditure, managing financial objectives is effortless. 

 Meaningful information in real-time

 Align to strategic goals

 Effectively manage spend

Deliver accurate cost estimations.

Provide detailed cost information across multiple capital projects, and accurately predict project costs across program scope for predictable CapEx management. Easily understand when projects begin to deviate off course.

 Consistently predict costs

 Cross-reference estimates

 Support business purchase objectives

Rely on robust cashflow forecasting.

Use capital more efficiently through accurate forecasts. Integrate with your ERP, then as cost estimates and budgets change so do cashflow projection adjustments to make capital planning more precise. View spend across regions or portfolios in multiple currencies for global transparency.  

 Automate cashflow projections

 Predict upcoming variables

 Rely on data integrity

Simple and effective CapEx monitoring.

Evaluate your real-time position to make data-driven decisions for your capital portfolio through in-built planning and tracking tools. Accurately pinpoint your current financial situation, allowing effective resource management and risk identification to ensure portfolio outcomes.

 Make data-driven decisions

 Limit budgeting surprises

 Easily assess financial position

Capital Project Financial Management | FAQs

How much are capital project and portfolio inefficiencies costing you?

Unnecessary costs. Value Erosion. Lost opportunity. CAPEXinsights helps you solve these problems. But what exactly is that worth? Get an indication of how much capital portfolio inefficiencies are costing you with this detailed guide based on our actual observation and experience.



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Optimise your commercial outcomes
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Achieve your capital potential.