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Capital Portfolio Management for competitive advantage.

Where information becomes intelligence.


See the bigger picture.

Precise | Intuitive | Strategic

Maximise your capital project portfolio results.

Have complete visibility across your portfolio to proactively drive performance and realise your commercial objectives. With access to real-time insights, and seamless toggling between macro and micro views to assess any key priority area including time, scope cost and risk, you can proactively plan, manage and respond for successful commercial outcomes.

Make better investment decisions with complete project visibility and accurate information across your entire portfolio.

With configurable guardrails to guide and align your capital projects, you can optimise your portfolio through strategic alignment to your business objectives, and ensure risk visibility at every stage of a project.

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Control resource allocation.
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Real-time status reports.
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Build dynamic portfolios.
“CAPEXinsights keeps the whole portfolio in one place and ensures data integrity. More than this, it addresses behavioral aspects such as ownership, planning ahead, being clear on the value proposition, and making decisions for the Business rather than the Business Unit."

Louis Haarhoff Head of PMO, GFG Alliance

More insights, better decisions.

Investment certainty through united project portfolio management.

See the big picture. Quickly understand and assess the strategic importance and value of every project from every angle, making informed decisions and sustaining your overall portfolio performance. Zoom in on individual projects for greater insight.

 Make informed decisions

 Take decisive action

 Manage the entirety of the portfolio

Evaluate portfolio success with project portfolio validation.

Access project business cases, assess project viability and snapshot portfolio success to ensure the right projects are pursued and risks are managed prior to CapEx approval. Demonstrate project portfolio value from the very beginning.

 Assess projects prior to approval

 Verify likelihood of success

 Approve the right projects

Enhance your project pipeline management capability.

Strategic portfolio management requires more than experienced management and a master plan. It requires effective decision-making, ongoing risk mitigation, and access to the right information at each approval gate. 

 Strengthen your influence on success

 Consistently monitor and prioritise

 More insights for improved management

Redirect CapEx in proportion to portfolio progress.

Dynamic portfolio views change as projects do, enabling oversight of resourcing and project requirements to meet your investment needs. Harness real-time information across your projects to make more efficient use of your capital.

 Utilise your entire portfolio budget

 Reclaim unused CapEx

 Improved resource management

Capital Portfolio Management | FAQs

How much are capital project and portfolio inefficiencies costing you?

Unnecessary costs. Value Erosion. Lost opportunity. CAPEXinsights helps you solve these problems. But what exactly is that worth? Get an indication of how much capital portfolio inefficiencies are costing you with this detailed guide based on our actual observation and experience.



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