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Quickly understand the portfolio and assess the strategic objectives of every project from every angle. Cost analysis, cashflow projections, strategic impact and meaningful reporting is just the start.

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Sound decisions are just the beginning

Singular projects are relatively easy. But that's not reality. Your portfolio is made up of both complex and simple projects, each bringing their own challenges and requirements.

CAPEXinsights provides meaningful financial information as well as cost analysis and cashflow impact to help you pick out the most important ones. All without a spreadsheet in sight.

With a few clicks CAPEXinsights will help you understand the economic, strategic, environmental, safety and human impact of each project. 

Developed over many years in a real world environment where these exact challenges were a driving force, CAPEXinsights was created. 

CAPEXinsights collates, highlights and intuitively presents all the relevant information so you can make the best decisions possible. It provides the real time insights needed to intervene early if needed, improve profitability and mitigate unacceptable risk.

Let's simplify the complex

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Simple workflow. Seamless approvals

Simple workflow. Seamless approvals

From robust cost estimates to creating business cases that drive commercial outcomes, CAPEXinsights provides access to the right tools at the right time and empowers users at all levels to effectively manage projects.

Real-time reporting

Real-time reporting

CAPEXinsights provides a real-time view of risk with built-in risk triage and status updates helping you support business cases, inform strategy, perform project or portfolio health-checks and enable seamless approval processes.



Portfolios and projects are always changing. This underlying factor is at the core of CAPEXinsights' design, where everything can change or flex dynamically based on your unique business needs, to help you achieve better capital project outcomes.

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Take the first step towards optimising your capital projects and portfolio. Your customised report will show you the benefits as they apply to your organisation.

As leaders of capital project and portfolio management technology, we have the insights you need to realise your capital project and portfolio potential

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