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The mining sector faces many challenges such as lack of transparency, the absence of data validation, and oversight of potential risks. In response to these challenges, many mining companies have sort to improve their capital portfolio management and systems to help prioritise projects and effectively manage their capital spending.

CAPEXinsights streamlines your capital project portfolio management for sustaining capital and maximising results. With our unified strategic approach, we can help you improve financial outcomes, select projects that align with organisational objectives, and ensure agile governance.

You can consistently optimise your capital project delivery and portfolio results when you have the ability to make insightful decisions and take decisive action. From project overspending and wasted expenditure to capital portfolio performance, overcome the challenges of a strategically changing industry.

With CAPEXinsights you can optimise your capital strategy to excel in competitive markets and gain the leading edge.

“CAPEXinsights keeps the whole portfolio in one place and ensures data integrity. More than this, it addresses behavioral aspects such as ownership, planning ahead, being clear on the value proposition, and making decisions for the Business rather than the Business Unit."

Louis Haarhoff Head of PMO, GFG Alliance

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