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Minimise capital expenditure risk through robust guidelines and complete transparency across every project at every level.

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Certainty through investment decisions.

Developed over many years in a real world environment, CAPEXinsights helps your people consistently achieve positive outcomes through best practice setup and guidance. 

No matter the size of the project, or experience of the team, CAPEXinsights provides the process, visibility, and data driven understanding to achieve optimal CAPEX project outcomes. 

CAPEXinsights provides clarity from a holistic portfolio view right down to individual projects, keeping everyone accountable, projects on track and risk to a minimum.

This seamless macro-to-micro transition provides unprecedented visibility, information and related insights for the best strategic decisions.

Let's simplify the complex

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A trusted partnership

A trusted partnership

Our experience is your advantage. With 100 years in project delivery and engineering design, we know how to empower your people for success. Combine our expertise with your processes to deliver better business outcomes.

Unified Visibility

Unified Visibility

One platform, multiple locations, hundreds of staff and thousands of projects. It's simplified complexity. CAPEXinsights gives you the ultimate transparency and certainty to help optimise commercial outcomes.

Maximise Capability

Maximise Capability

Create a data-driven and technology-led culture to drive better efficiencies for maximum EBIT and ROI. CAPEXinsights provides the right tools to the right people, removing rework, enabling cross-function collaboration and improving capabilities.

How much are capital portfolio inefficiencies costing you?

Unnecessary costs. Value erosion. Lost opportunity. CAPEXinsights helps you solve these problems. But what exactly is that worth? Get an indication of how much your capital portfolio inefficiencies are costing you with this detailed guide based on our actual observation and experience.



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