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Capital Project Management for enhanced capability.

Simplify the complex with intuitive processes.

The right tools at the right time.

Clarity | Agility | Foresight

Consistently deliver successful projects.

Achieve better capital project outcomes through intuitive process management and informed decision-making. With everything from project lifecycle guidance, financial and risk management, through to intelligent data visualisation for simple reporting and effective post-project analysis, CAPEXinsights is your complete capital project management solution. 

Configure project lifecycles to fit project requirements, enabling consistent outcomes with consistent processes. Visibility of project parameters enables on-the-ground risk reduction and a level of guided autonomy to support team members.

With a quality framework to set you up for success, you can collate, highlight and intuitively present all the relevant information for powerful decision-making. A highly configurable platform with absolute visibility enables you to deliver the best results on every capital project.


Intelligent project guidance

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Ensure compliance governance
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Effortless reporting
"CAPEXinsights greatly enhances our Capital Project and Risk Management processes. It supports our engineers to follow a ‘fit for purpose’ process across the organisation. We are already learning about what works and what doesn’t."

Pavankumar HL Engineering Director (Global) - Robotics and Automation, Unilever

Consistent results, flexible approaches.

Save time with effective project lifecycle guidance.

Generate the right lifecycle to suit the size and risk profile of each project. Access the right functionality to help your team progress through each project stage with ease. When it comes to your capital project management process, CAPEXinsights puts the power back in your hands.

 Improve project management capability

 Assess project viability

 Streamline project approvals

Use a trusted project governance framework.

Combine your governance processes into a project management framework that is configured to your organisation. Rely on a central source of truth. Create a homogenous approach to project management across regions, departments and organisational communities.

 Rely on accurate information

 Depend on the right approach

 Confidence in successful outcomes

Dismiss cost management uncertainty.

Shine a light on project financial blind spots with complete visibility over project actuals, commitments and forecasts through to project completion. Enable effective cost estimation and budgeting, and more accurately forecast cost implications in real-time.

 Certainty over financials

 Forsee cost overruns

 Easily report on costs

Compare planned with actual costs and benefits.

Review what worked, what didn't (including critical budget blow-outs), and what was delivered versus promised, and embed those lessons into the system for continuous improvements.

 Learn from previous projects

 Review project benefits

 Repeat success


Capital Project Management | FAQs

How much are capital project and portfolio inefficiencies costing you?

Unnecessary costs. Value Erosion. Lost opportunity. CAPEXinsights helps you solve these problems. But what exactly is that worth? Get an indication of how much capital portfolio inefficiencies are costing you with this detailed guide based on our actual observation and experience.



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