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Mike Duell Founder & Director, CAPEXinsights

After years as a mathematician and researcher in Europe and across Australia, I found my place at Beca back in 2009 as a technical engineer. Always curious, always communicating; I was propelled to help others understand the world around them. This led me to secondment with a multinational FMCG, where I was tasked with understanding how to help capital projects outcomes.  

This set me off on a journey merging my passion for solving complex problems with math with the mind of an engineer. I solved the problem, merging organizational culture and unique processes, but alas it was still an Excel spreadsheet. Harnessing the power of collaboration, a digital whiz within Beca took my processes and expressed it through a simple - yet elegant - SharePoint interface. And so, the seed of CAPEXinsights was born.

Ten years later, and we now have a simple, user-friendly solution to manage capital delivery with over 2000 users globally. Our solution has evolved to be exactly what people at the forefront of project delivery and leaders of capital portfolios want and need most within their organization. Globally, organisations are facing the same challenges; requiring assurance through consistency. Ultimately, it’s about fusing actionable insights into the project lifecycle for better profitability, project delivery, and decreased risk.

And our product continues to evolve with features like our sustainability calculator. You can now focus on taking capital cost estimation and the net present value of a project and modifying it to account for sustainable practices. Changing the project ROI lifecycle to include this means that people are being pre-emptive in their capital project calculations in anticipation of future policy. By quantifying the risk now, means that capital portfolios can weather the financial impact down the road.

With the backing of Beca’s 100 years of expertise and a continued curiosity for solving complex problems, CAPEXinsights is rooted in knowledge and experience across people, process, technology, and industry.

€3b euros managed

€3b euros managed

Used in 100+ countries

Used in 100+ countries

2500+ users

2500+ users

History of CAPEXinsights

Timeline of CAPEXinsights history
Senior leadership

CAPEXinsights team

Photo of Mike Duell

Mike Duell

Founder and Director, CAPEXinsights

Photo of John Boers

John Boers

Strategic Advisor, Global Markets, CAPEXinsights

Photo of Jeremy Wright

Jeremy Wright

Operations Manager, CAPEXinsights

Claudia Otley

Financial Consultant, CAPEXinsights

Photo of Kim Featherstone

Kim Featherstone

Business Case for Change Lead, CAPEXinsights

Photo of Sarah Potter

Sarah Potter

Marketing Manager, CAPEXinsights

Photo of Vanessa Kartin

Vanessa Lorein Kartin

CX Manager, CAPEXinsights

Sarah Henderson

Head of Technology, CAPEXinsights

Photo of Rodd Castle

Rodd Castle

UX & DevOps Manager, CAPEXinsights

Photo of Stuart Escott

Stuart Escott

Product Manager, CAPEXinsights

Photo of Tim Van Woodenberg

Tim van Woudenberg

Implementation Manager, CAPEXinsights

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Beca is one of Asia Pacific’s largest independent advisory, design and engineering consultancies. With the backing of Beca’s expertise and a continued curiosity for solving complex problems, CAPEXinsights is rooted in knowledge and experience across people, process, technology, and industry.

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