WEBINAR - From vision to reality: Capital project portfolio planning for maximum success

Many Portfolio Managers find themselves lacking confidence in project portfolio outlooks, especially with conflicting business priorities and an ever-increasing pressure to invest in decarbonisation projects to meet organisational goals.

It can be difficult to know if they are going to deliver a valuable project portfolio with optimal results. Even a best-practice project portfolio build can become undone once projects kick-off and the year unfolds. While it starts with project portfolio planning, ongoing analysis with robust portfolio management is necessary to maintain the value of the portfolio.  

What truly makes a successful capital project portfolio? 

Finance professionals and Portfolio Managers understand the importance of meticulous planning and evaluation, which is why so much effort is put into the portfolio planning process. However, rolling challenges in the portfolio such as seasonal fluctuations, delays, withdrawn projects, and budget spending development, are often given less attention. 

By adopting effective techniques, including prioritisation of projects, staggering expenditures, and dynamically managing resource allocation, it is possible to overcome common obstacles and prevent inefficiencies resulting in wasted CapEx. 

A proactive capital project portfolio management process plays a critical role in maximising success in the capital strategy. It enables teams to use forecast modelling and budget development to anticipate portfolio outcomes, foresee challenges, and optimise resource allocation accordingly. 

Gain invaluable insights from capital project portfolio experts, Mike Duell and Kim Featherstone, as they take you through real-world examples of effective strategies to improve your project portfolio performance.